The Z-FIRE™ Difference

Leading Insurers Assess Wildfire Risk at the Property Level

“Farmers is excited to be a leader in helping to address the state’s complex homeowners insurance marketplace by introducing a new approach to underwriting risks and using’s innovative new technology, the Z-FIRE™ scoring model...”

Keith Daly

President of Personal Lines

Farmers Insurance

The Z-FIRE™ Difference

Leading Insurers Assess Wildfire Risk at the Property Level

“Z-FIRE enhances our current wildfire risk assessment tools, increasing our teams’ confidence in writing more business for the independent agents who represent us while simultaneously giving homeowners more coverage options.”

Scott Schuler

Assistant Vice President, Personal Lines – Product

The Cincinnati Insurance Company


Property-Specific Risk Scores

If a property falls within a wildfire perimeter, how likely is it to be destroyed?’s wildfire model (Z-FIRE™) answers this question by combining vital property details and actual loss data with machine learning to produce a predictive risk score.

California FAIR Plan Case Study Z-FIRE™ delivers 44x lift in risk prediction

Comparing’s Z-FIRE™ model to the traditional model used for assessing risk using ~230k homes covered by the California Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) Plan from 2016-2019.

Wildfire Fuel Management & Risk Mitigation

IBHS and performed an analysis of the relationship between the presence of fuels (vegetation and structures) surrounding a target structure and the destruction rate observed in historical wildfire events.

How Likely is a Property to Fall Within a Wildfire Perimeter?

Instead of relying on statistical regression analysis, we created Z-FIRE™ using cutting-edge predictive modeling techniques fueled by Artificial Intelligence. Even Z-FIRE™ L1 (comparable to a traditional regional score) is higher resolution and more accurate than traditional models.

Easy to use web application

Giving Agents & Customers Unprecedented Transparency

Easy Address Lookup
Score Explanations
Satellite Imagery Integration
z-fire™ Advantages

Data-driven model powered by Artificial Intelligence and comprehensive fire science.

Improved Risk Selection
Premium Commensurate with Risk
Decreased Loss Ratio

“In the past we had been self-limiting because we just didn't have enough understanding of wildfire exposure.”

Carol Anderson

MetLife Auto & Home

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