Zesty.ai’s Z-FIRE™ Wildfire Model Adopted for Rating in Arizona

Welcome to Arizona, Z-FIRE™!

The Zest

Zesty.ai, the leader in property risk analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), has announced that its Z-FIRE™ has now been included in an approved filing in Arizona. The Grand Canyon state now joins California, Oregon, New Mexico, and Utah as states that have approved rate filings that include Z-FIRE™.

Arizona has a history of wildfire. According to the AZ Department of Forestry and Fire Management, over 2,500 wildfires burned nearly 1 million acres of Arizona in 2020. That includes the Ocotillo Fire which burned 20 buildings including 8 homes.

Z-FIRE™ is the most widely adopted AI-powered wildfire risk model in the industry. It combines vital property details and actual loss data with machine learning to produce predictive risk scores for every property and has been shown by Milliman to deliver up to 44x lift in risk prediction.

About Zesty.ai

Zesty.ai offers access to precise intelligence about every property in North America for insurance and real estate customers. The company uses aerial imagery, permit, transaction, weather and IoT data, combined with artificial intelligence (AI) to turn more than 200 billion data points into comprehensive digital records and property-specific risk scores. Zesty.ai provides a constantly updated database of real estate information that impacts a property’s value and associated risks including the potential impact of catastrophic events like wildfires, hail storms, and floods. In an increasingly digital world, Zesty.ai brings properties into a new digital age that enables real time transactions and powerful predictive analytics. Visit https://zesty.ai for more information.

About Zesty.ai

Zesty.ai is the leading partner for property & casualty insurance companies embarking on digital transformation. The company harnesses the power of artificial intelligence on cutting-edge data sources including aerial imagery to model risk to real property. Zesty.ai leverages predictive algorithms on 130+Bn data points to understand the potential impact of natural catastrophes on individual properties with unprecedented accuracy. Insurance companies rely on these property risk insights to make smart marketing, underwriting and rating decisions.  For more information, visit https://zesty.ai.