What Does It Mean To Have “World Changing Ideas”?

FastCompany Names Zesty.ai as Honorable Mention in World Changing Ideas Awards 2021

The Zest

When it comes to a world changing idea, one thing is clear - the size of the problem you’re solving matters, and it’s hard to imagine a problem that’s larger and more pervasive than climate change. While there is no singular solution to climate change, we recognized a clear opportunity to help address one critical issue within the broader problem, and that’s wildfire risk. 

We watched in awe and horror as the Camp Fire, Tubbs Fire, and many more large devastating wildfires ripped through communities. A lot of us here at Zesty.ai call California home, so we’ve physically seen and even visited alongside experts, the devastation wildfires have caused across the state. Sadly wildfire risk is no longer just a California problem. In the last year we’ve seen wildfires wreak havoc close to home in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and across the West. Around the world, highlighted by blazes in Australia, wildfires are becoming global headline news. Unfortunately this summer’s drought brings even greater concern about wildfires in these regions and beyond, which makes Z-FIRE™ more important than ever. 

We’re proud that Z-FIRE™ was recognized by Fast Company as a world changing idea, but more importantly, we’re happy to have helped save homes by working with forward-thinking insurance carriers & partners like IBHS that share our commitment to addressing wildfire risk. More than half of the top property & casualty insurers in the country are working with Zesty.ai, and that market traction is a true measure of change. Every time an insurer decides to work with us, it means more homes will be covered by a complete and transparent understanding of wildfire risk - and that’s an impact we’re incredibly proud of. 

In many ways, saving a home from wildfire is much harder than rebuilding but the rewards are so much greater. Saving homes starts with understanding risk. As climate change may continue to make issues like wildfires, floods, tornados, and severe storms worse, world changing ideas like Z-FIRE™ will become even more critical for protecting lives and property across the globe. At Zesty.ai, wildfire was just the beginning. We’re committed to taking on all the perils that can be better understood through artificial intelligence.

About Zesty.ai

Zesty.ai is the leading partner for property & casualty insurance companies embarking on digital transformation. The company harnesses the power of artificial intelligence on cutting-edge data sources including aerial imagery to model risk to real property. Zesty.ai leverages predictive algorithms on 130+Bn data points to understand the potential impact of natural catastrophes on individual properties with unprecedented accuracy. Insurance companies rely on these property risk insights to make smart marketing, underwriting and rating decisions.  For more information, visit https://zesty.ai.